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The Waters on Mayowood is located in Rochester, the third largest city in Minnesota. Nestled on both banks of the Zumbro River the city has a population close to 110,000 people. Rochester is in Olmstead County, one of only four counties in Minnesota without a natural lake. Rochester was originally developed as a stagecoach stop between St. Paul, Minnesota, and Dubuque, Iowa. The city was names after Rochester, New York.

In 1883 a tornado demolished much of Rochester leaving the community without medical facilities. William W. Mayo and his two sons worked together to care for the wounded and in 1889 opened St. Mary's Hospital with the Sisters of St. Francis. The Mayo practice grew and is today one of the largest and most respected medical facilities in the world. Mary former Presidents have visited Rochester's Mayo Clinic including; George H.E. Bush, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan.

Rochester can be reached by three U.S. highways U.S. 14, U.S. 52, and U.S. 63 and the southern edge of Rochester is skirted by Highway 90 and State Highway 30.

Fun Facts

  • Rochester is ranked second in Quality of Life by American City Business Journal.
  • In 2009, US News and World Report ranked Rochester in the Top Ten Best Places to Grow Up and ninth for Best Cities for job seeking retirees.
  • The city's nickname is "Med City" because it is the home of Mayo Clinic. This developed a diet that is called Mayo Clinic Diet that looks at the healthiest ways for eating.
  • Rochester is in one of only four counties in Minnesota that does not have a natural lake.
  • All of Rochester's lakes are artificial. Rochester lies alongside the South Fork of the Zumbro River.
  • Silver Lake, its downtown lake, was formed from a portion of the Zumbro River.
  • Heated water in the lake prevents it from freezing over, even during the extremely cold winter. The lake attracts large numbers of Canada Geese that stay in the area year round.
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