Senior Home Health Care Minnesota

The Waters Health Care

A personalized menu of senior healthcare services

Enjoy health care services provided when and how you want it. Living at The Waters provides the peace of mind of knowing that a licensed nurse is available at all times. When needed, you can also take advantage of an a la carte menu of health care services that include the following and more:

Care coordination Our on-site care staff can work with you, your family, and your doctors to ensure that you receive the care your doctors ordered, your questions are answered accurately and your family knows your health status on a timely basis.

Incidental health care assistance When you don’t require a hospital or rehab, but need temporary care, our nurses and aides can provide health care services in the comfort of your home.

Medicine set-up and management As we age, tracking all the types of medicine we take on either a short- or long-term basis can be confusing. The Waters can help. Talk with our staff about the level of support you might need.

Diabetes management Having a partner who helps you manage your medicines, diet and exercise can help you thrive despite having this often challenging condition.

Respiratory therapies If you use inhalers, nebulizers or a CPAP machine, we can help maintain or improve the effectiveness of your respiratory therapy programs.

Glucose monitoring Hate pricking your own finger or have difficulty reading your glucose monitor? You don’t have to go it alone! Our Care staff can help make this process feel easier.

Personal care assistance For those times you could use a little help with daily activities, our staff can assist with everything from bathing, dressing, hair care and grooming to any other personal care required.

Bathroom help It’s not easy to ask for help with something so personal. We go to great lengths to maintain your dignity as we respond to your needs.

Mobility escorts As lovely as your apartment will be, it’s important to get out and feel part of your Community. Our mobility escorts can help you get where you want to go and get you back home safely.

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