Resident Assistant Growth Pathway Program

Grow With Us & EARN MORE every step of the way

  • Looking for a path to more stability and growth?
  • Want to expand your skills to the next level?
  • Eager for the opportunity to professionally THRIVE?

Join The Waters Team and we’ll provide a pathway to growth and stability while enhancing your paycheck through our “RA Growth Pathway Program.”
Whether you are Certified or not, we’ll invest in your pathway and as you learn, you can EARN MORE!

Level 1

Non-Certified and Need/Want Training
Perform basic RA responsibilities
Grow through our education and training

Earn $

Level 2

CNA Certified
Can perform all RA responsibilities
Grow through our education and training

Earn More $$

Level 3

Medication Pass Trained
Perform all RA responsibilities
Demonstrates knowledge and competence required to pass medications to residents

Earn More $$$

Level 4

Advanced Leadership Point-of-Contact and Medications Management
Communications management
Advanced medications passing
Emergency and end-of-life leadership
Enhanced competencies (ie. blood glucose testing, etc.)

Earn More $$$$

Please contact for more information!
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