Health and Wellbeing Programs

Health & Wellbeing Programs

So Much to Do – It’s Hard To Choose

We believe residents thrive when they make their own choices – so we provide lots of programs and events designed to engage them on a physical, spiritual and emotional level—and families are welcome to join in. It’s all about living life on your terms.

Health and Security

Active Life with Purpose

Physical Wellbeing

Wake up and enjoy this combination exercise class that focuses on all components of the fitness spectrum, Cardio warmup, flexibility, strength, balance, and mindful cool down. This class is appropriate for all exercise levels with seated and standing options. Exercises are designed to support residents with their activities of daily living.

Better Balance
Improve balance and help prevent falls. Balance exercises, along with certain strength exercises, can help prevent falls by improving ability to control and maintain our body’s position, whether moving or still. This class utilizes evidence based practices.

Community and Relationships

Community Engagement

Emotional Wellbeing

Social Hour
A gathering of residents, families, friends, team and community members to engage and create a stronger community. This event consists of various refreshments and light music for an upbeat atmosphere.

Conversations with the Chef
Group meeting with your community executive chef and restaurant manager to discuss your dining experience.

Monthly experiences visiting a variety of intellectual, cultural, and interactive locations around the metro.

Purpose and Environment

Personal Growth

Intellectual Wellbeing

Waters Academy
The classroom comes to you! The Academy offers higher education courses taught by professors and experts within the area of subject.

Wellbeing Series
Monthly opportunities to engage in education on a variety of topics related to personal health and wellbeing.

Wisdom Legacy Circle
Group gathering to celebrate life’s story, explore new callings and adventures and to pass on a legacy for the future. The focus is to become spiritually radiant, physically vital and socially engaged.

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