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Health Care Services

We’re here to lend a hand when you need it

The Waters offers a unique menu of personalized services to meet your individual needs and enhance your everyday experience. Each of our integrated health and wellbeing services combines professional, holistic care, with exceptional hospitality.

You’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing that a licensed nurse is on site at all times. Each resident has a primary relationship with an RN to help achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Before you move in, you’ll have the opportunity to share your Life Story with our Director of Health & Wellbeing to choose which Home Health Care Services might help you live life to the fullest, and make every day a “best day.”

Health & Wellbeing

Care coordination & planning

Count on The Waters Health & Wellbeing department to coordinate your care and communicate your medical needs with family members, doctors, therapists, labs, long-term-care insurance providers and others. We’ll keep everything in order so you can go on about your day.

*Pharmacy coordination, new orders and transcription of medication orders are covered under Medication Set-Up or Medication Management. Obtaining laboratory specimens is covered under Incidental Health Care.

On-call health care

Our Health & Wellbeing team members can assist you with tasks and therapies as needs arise. These one-time services are charged in 15-minute increments based on the level of care a provider needs to safely complete the task. Examples include response to intentional pendant push, assistance in your apartment, vital sign checks, emergency response, reassurance checks, safety checks, collection of urine specimens, or occasional extra care services not included in another package.

Personal Assistance


Sometimes bathing can be a chore instead of a relaxing experience. Waters team members can help restore the pleasure of bathing by providing presence and assistance while preserving dignity and maximum independence.


Few things help you feel more prepared to face the day than looking and dressing your best. A Waters team member will be happy to help you with dressing and grooming.

We’ll also help get your bed in order (see Hospitality Menu for laundry options) and provide cueing or transfer assistance.

Mobility Enhancement


Engage in all the wonderful amenities The Waters has to offer with an escort to meals, classes, events and appointments within your Community.

Pharmacologic Therapies


Keeping track of multiple medicines can be daunting. Let our nurses assist you in keeping everything straight. Medicine Set-Up includes any or all of the following: medicine education, pharmacy coordination, new order processing and weekly set-up of medicines including insulin.


This package includes all of the services available in Medicine Set-Up, plus administration of all medicines including INR when on Coumadin.

*Please note that our nurses are not able to administer any resident medicines that have not been set up by The Waters.

*Primary care physician groups that partner with The Waters may require residents to be on Medicine Management as part of their patient relationship.

*The number of medicines includes “scheduled” medicines only. Medicines given intermittently will be billed as an Incidental Health Care service.


If you need assistance preparing for or recovering from a surgery or procedure, or experience a short-term illness requiring certain medicines, this package can help. It includes education, medicine orders, pharmacy coordination, medicine set-up, administration of medicines related to the short-term situation, and clinical record-keeping. Set-up and administration of medicines you take on a regular, on-going basis are not included.

*If your needs are very short-term or intermittent, it may be more cost effective to use our On-Call Health Care service. Your primary RN can help you evaluate the best option.


A Health & Wellbeing team member can provide blood glucose checks as prescribed by your doctor. This service includes assisting with doctor notification, machine calibration, notifying family or pharmacy of needed supplies, and clinical record-keeping.


Diabetes is a complex medical condition that requires special attention. This package includes any or all of the following: diabetes/medication education, new orders, pharmacy coordination, set-up and administration of all medications including insulin, blood glucose checks, general diabetes oversight, and presence to support optimal health and wellbeing such as daily foot and nail care.

Respiratory Therapies


For those residents who use intermittent or continuous oxygen, this package provides oversight and management of supplies and tanks, ordering, cleaning of supplies and safety education.


Trust a Waters team member to help with nightly set-up, daily machine cleaning, and providing distilled water for your machine according to manufacturer specifications.


Daily treatments include set-up of the nebulizer medication and delivery system, monitoring of treatment success and clean up of supplies.

Bathroom Support

Bathroom Assistance

A Health & Wellbeing team member can provide reminders and presence for bathroom needs throughout the day and night, and transfer and toileting assistance (1-5 times daily). This package includes skin care as needed. Incontinence supplies may be provided by the resident or family, or purchased from The Waters.

Ostomy/Catheter care

This convenient package includes emptying or changing of the ostomy/catheter bag, skin cleansing and care, irrigation as needed, supply ordering, and oversight and presence to support optimal health and wellbeing.

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