Praise from Current Residents & Family Members


The Waters staff has received countless testimonials from residents and their family members before and during COVID-19. Here is a small sample of feedback we’ve received.

“I just wanted to say a hearty thank you to you and all the staff at the Waters. My Mom keeps telling me about how you are taking such good care of her and all about the special things you are doing to make these difficult times better. You are very much appreciated!”

“I want to thank you for all you and the staff at The Waters are doing to keep your residents safe. We are grateful for all you do. Again, thank you!”

“Thank you for all the special care you are giving. Plus you are even delivering fun and smiles!”

“We appreciate your updates as well as the superb care you are giving us.”

“I am so grateful to all of our staff and leaders- what a great job they have done in keeping us safe!”

“Thank you all!!! During these harsh times every one of you are in our hearts! It’s hard on us and your families. Stay strong.”

“Your hard work and care brightens up every day for your residents and keeps them safe. Keep up the hard work!! You are appreciated.”

“Thank you for the constant support. The friendly staff is always available for help, and the meals are always good and on time.”

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