The Waters Restaurant and Café

We work to make every dining experience exceptional

Destination Dining: If you enjoy beautifully set tables, attentive service and fresh, delicious cuisine, you’re going to love The Waters Restaurant. If you frequent a local coffeehouse or bistro, you’re going to feel right at home at The Waters Café. We believe dining should be one of life’s great pleasures.

Each balanced meal contains a combination of nutritious whole grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables and high-quality proteins. We cater to “foodies,” so whether you live to eat or simply eat to live, you’re always assured of eating well.

  • Salsas, sauces and gravies are made from scratch
  • Cookies, muffins and breads are baked fresh daily
  • Classic comfort foods are always prepared fresh
  • Meatless options are available at every meal

The Waters Restaurant

Menu options at The Waters Restaurant change daily, but your in-house executive chef’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. Friends and family will look forward to joining you for a welcoming dining experience in an exquisite setting.

We tailor our restaurant menu options for each Community we serve.

The Waters Café

Enjoy casual dining at it’s best. Whether you’re having coffee with a friend or lunch with your family, The Waters Café provides an informal setting to savor great food and service. Remember to stop by for an infused water or fruit smoothie after your morning workout.

Weekly Restaurant Menus

Use the links below to see what’s being served this week at The Waters.

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